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Eco your life,
Bridge to the world.

스트링 브리지

Our Promise

Eco Bridge was founded in 2013 with the motto "Eco your life, Bridge to the World" of being a company that makes a positive impact on people’s lives and connects them to the world.

Since it’s establishment, we have continuously developed our products, ensured quality control, and built trust with our customers.

As a result, we have become a plastic foils company that is recognized by leading customers around the world for our expertise.

We, the members of Ecobridge, promise to become a company that contribute to many living spaces around the world.


Contributing to

Experts of Foils

Only providing

Best Products


Reputation built with trust since 2013

In your side we

Develop all products with

Great quality.


We eunsure that we provide our customers with the most appopriate products
by constantly improving
our quality control system.

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